Day 2a: The Horrible Night

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January 10, 2013 by Rex

Now, let’s get down to it. Yesterday was rough. REALLY ROUGH! And then into the late afternoon evening was very bad. I had a HUGE headache. Migraine type. I laid and watched TV and got worse and worse.
Deb made our evening juice and tried to get it down. But it was making me feel sicker.
Finally, I just had to get up and try resting in the bedroom. At first it was horrible. I was on my stomach and I just kept feeling sick to the point of throwing up. But I kept thinking, “what would I throw up?” And “why would I throw it up?”
It didn’t make sense if I went into the bathroom and started puking. Nothing was BAD that I was drinking. I also had water with baking soda in it and that was helping. I finally got up to go pee and came back and decided to put an extra pillow under my head and lay on my back. THAT did the trick. Slowly, I started feeling better and better. I couldn’t actually fall asleep, that I could tell. But the late evening was passing pretty fast when I would glance at the clock so maybe I did.
I decided to put on pajamas around 9:40 and officially go to bed. There was still a little bit of a headache going on but it was dissipating. The upset tummy had almost disappeared.
A good night’s sleep and I’m awake at 7am feeling quite good. I had more energy and I had lost two pounds. Deb lost two also, but just after two days I can REALLY tell a difference in her waist. She’s lookin’ good! :-)
I realize though watching Joe’s film, that juicing will lose the weight, but it won’t lose the flabbiness. Working the weights is going to be the thing that gets that done.
I want to do some research and see if it’s okay to lift during juicing. They don’t want me lifting for another few days because of the vasectomy surgery. So I won’t even attempt it until Sunday
Now that I’ve been up for an hour and went and did all my morning chores. I do feel a little bit of a headache coming. I decided to make myself some acacia berry tea. I figured that would be okay, since it IS a fruit and I’m only drinking a liquid of it.
I have to go and cut up some firewood this morning. We’re all but out. But I don’t think there’s any other reason, well, milking Eva this morning, to go out.


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