Day 5: Working Out!

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January 12, 2013 by Rex

04:03 PM
Well, this has certainly been the best day yet. Not weather-wise. Although, the sun is out and that really does make all the difference. But it was a whole 1.9 degrees outside when Maddie and I went to milk Eva this morning.

I didn’t feel like doing much of anything this morning though. We had the family meeting and I was willing to go back to the iPad and research Apps to help me layout the blog better. But Deb wanted to go to Lowe’s and get the fire starter gel for the kids downstairs. And so we went.

I did some stretches before that because the left piriformas was acting up BAD. It makes it so my leg kinda goes numb. So I had to stretch which helped tremendously.

We had had our second juice before we left and when we got home I wasn’t hungry, which was kind of amazing. So straight into a nap I went. This time the nap felt different. I wasn’t as wound up. I haven’t been sleeping or napping very well since starting the juicing. But today my body kind of let go and I was able to nap for a while.

Woke up and was feeling that groggy sore thing. I knew I had to workout today. This was the day I could start and even if it was only a real light workout, just starting out, I remembered in the summer when I had started again how good I felt afterwards.

I Decided to do a juice before hand. Little more fruity than veggie for the energy boost.

So to out home gym I went. Listening to the Seahawks Podcasts while doing it REALLY made the time go by. I did a full routine of my stretching exercises which felt good. Then to the dreaded weights. I started bench pressing and started WAY light. But it felt good. Followed up with light squats and the arms. It all felt really good. The blood was flowing. I actually felt REALLY good and was even able to do some standing dead lifts with just myself, no barbell. It was great!! I felt so good I decided to move into light leg curl and lift sets.

Wow! Kind of amazed how good I feel right now.

Still had the headache come up on me. So, I’m trying to drink lots of water. It’s a little tough to drink cold water in the middle of this real bad cold streak we’ve got going on. It makes me cold.

But, right now, with the blood flowing from the workout it feels good to drink the cold water.

I wonder how I would have felt in the earlier days of the fast had I been doing even a light workout then.

I can tell you guys that working out, even as light as did, is a HUGE psychological boost. And you don’t have to have a home gym. Stretching and just doing squats, lunges or any sort of stand in place leg workout will help you.

There are some great suggestions all over the web for it. YouTube is also a great place look up workouts without a gym. There you can actually watch videos of people doing the exercises.

It really made me feel better just doing that. I thought originally I was going to be really disappointed in myself for my lack of ability to lift anything of real weight. But not at all. It felt great to just be doing it and DEFINITELY feels really good afterwards.

I highly recommend it.

Now, go do it!!


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