Day 6: What’s this All About?

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January 13, 2013 by Rex

Um… Yeah… At that was with one less juice yesterday. And I have a bad headache. Ibuprofen can’t even subside it.

I gotta tell ya. I don’t know what all this hub-bub is about. I guess if I were 40 lbs overweight then I’d be losing it all. But to not lose anything while putting my body through all this pain and suffering. Okay, mainly my mind’s pain and suffering.

But I haven’t lost anything! If it weren’t for the Seahawks playing today, I’d go off the juice right now. But I told myself if they win, I’ll stay on it. (I know it is just superstitious malarkey. But we fans all figure we need to help our team any way we can. And since I think there’s something to this karma thing, then this is the pain I can go through in order to not feel the pain of them being out of the playoffs. I’ll let you know if it helps ;-) )

But in Joe Cross’s movie, people felt better after day 3 or so. They all claimed they starting feeling GREAT, more energetic with a sharper mind. The one woman said her migraines went away. I’ve only been coaxing mine on with this. (It’s known that not eating regularly can bring on migraines. And I can tell you, in my case, it’s a guarantee.

For any of you who watched Joe Cross’s movie, you’ll remember how he showed himself before and after. But did you notice he looked GREAT in his clothes, but when the shirt came off he looked flabby and not all that impressive? And he even shows himself at the gym working out. I wonder how much of that was for show. Or is he the type that goes to the gym just to look good at the gym, but doesn’t really push the weights to tone his muscles?

Skinny fat. I still go back to the article I read about that. I don’t know anything about the girl who wrote it, and it seems to be on a blog about weddings. But whatever, she hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head!!! Read it. It’s a good little read and can put a different perspective in your mind.

I’ve been doing some research about losing weight versus working out or building muscles. I have found it all very interesting and it brings me back to an article, I think it was in Men’s Health magazine a LONG time ago. (If I find it, I’ll link it here for you.)

It showed two guys standing next to each. They were both 220 lbs and the same height. But they couldn’t have been any more different in body type. One looked athletic, muscular and fantastic while the other looked like a typical American man in his mid 20’s, with a beer gut, spare tire around his middle, flabby, man-boobed chest and fat face. It was pointing out that it’s not the numbers but what we do with the numbers we have.

08:48 AM
And if there IS Karma, then it’s testing me this morning. I’m feeling similar to the way I was feeling on Day 2 in the afternoon. Could this all be from one less juice yesterday??? Weird.

I have to admit I felt much better yesterday after working out. In the past, too, I have felt MUCH better after working out than I have when I starved myself.

I know I may be treating this as a fad diet. But I also was under the impression I would feel great moving into the later days. And I certainly don’t feel that way.

I don’t feel like doing much of ANYTHING during the day. I have no energy. And my eyesight seems to have gotten a little worse. I don’t if it actually has or if it’s the headaches that are causing the blurriness. I just feel disoriented.

If the Seahawks win, I’ll go at least 7 days. If Karma wants me to go 10 days for a win, I will. But if they lose, this may be the end for me. And I will concentrate more on the exercising than the eating. But still eating well, like I normally do. Well, fairly so. :-)


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