The Day After

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January 15, 2013 by Rex

I woke up at 5:20a this morning. I was ready to go, but decided I better lay back down for a while longer and rest. So I did and got up at 5:50a.

I felt pretty good. I think I got another good night’s sleep. And as for weight? Well, you saw it.


Yup, pretty amazing ain’t it? I’m shedding the pounds now. I don’t know if my body can keep it up or not. I’ve never had this kind of experience before. I know that I’m pretty darn happy about it though.

It gave me a LOT of life. It feels good mentally. I really enjoyed the multitude of small “meals” during the day. It took a little more thought to do them. But it was also my first day of trying out that style and so it is in no way a habit…yet.

Man, I was SO good at dinner. I slowed my chewing down some and chewed longer. I got up a lot to do different things that needed doing during the meal and that slowed me down even more. And the BIG thing!! I didn’t eat that much. I knew we were going to watch a Midsommer and new I would have a snack.

I also now have some really good lunches for the next couple of days. (The kids and I made Chicken Parmesan. It was DELICIOUS!) I really took pleasure in eating it. And I had mainly chicken with very little brown rice pasta. I felt REALLY good after eating. Not only good about myself, but not girthy like I normally do after trying to break the land speed record for eating dinner. “Chewing??? That’s for SISSIES!!”

At first I still felt hungry. But it got to my stomach and I also knew, while washing the pots and pans from dinner, that it was okay. I would have a snack later.

It was a really nice thought to have. “Hey, you like many different food tastes. Take smaller portions and we’ll let you have them all without guilt,” is what I felt my brain telling me.

And it did.

Ryan made some stove top popcorn for us with coconut oil. It was good. He made me kind of a big bowl. (He didn’t know.) I only ate a portion of it and put the rest in the bin for the pigs to get. No guilt. It’s fine. It’s not going to get wasted. The pigs will get it, get fattened up and then I’ll reap the benefits of that leftover popcorn in April when I’m eating bacon, ham or roast from it.

There are not many people in the country who can turn popcorn into bacon. But we can here at the farm.

I was a little sore in the lower back this morning from yesterday’s workout.

I also noticed that I handled situations better yesterday. We had some pipes freeze over at one of the apartments. I wanted to get going and run my errands and Maddie wanted to go with me. So I felt the pressure of both those things. But then it hit me. She has schoolwork she needs to do anyway. I need to get this fixed right away. No big deal. We don’t HAVE to be somewhere at a certain time and we don’t have to be done at a certain time. It was more important to calm down and go step by step and handle all of this before leaving and to do it correctly without a bunch of mistakes because I was rushing.

That philosophy really worked along with not having the idea we could make up the time if we rushed through the errands and speed everywhere. It all worked. I don’t know why I feel I have to rush on everything around this farm, and in this life. There’s really not much of ANYTHING around here, or in my life, that HAS to be done on a certain day or by a certain time of the day.

Eva needs to get milked twice a day. She’s pretty easygoing though. She doesn’t mind if we’re late in the morning or not. The goats are fine in their barn until we come out to get them. The pigs come running to the fence when we open the back door to go milk if they haven’t been fed yet. But they come running to the fence ANY time the back door gets opened. About the only time they don’t is when I go out to feed Eva in the morning before the sun’s up.

Yeah, firewood needs to be cut up everyday. But not by a certain time.


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