The (second) Day After: In Defense of Juicing

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January 16, 2013 by Rex

08:08 AM


Yeah… I did in three days of coming off the juice fast what I COULDN’T do for 6 days of fasting. I feel REALLY good about myself. I feel energetic. And EVEN MORE, I feel as sharp as a tack right now!

The emotions, the mental harmony, the calmness without being lethargic, the body rebuilding, the body slowing down.

But it’s not a dragging slowing down. It’s a methodical, take your time, things take time, you have the time, and TAKE the time to do things and not just complete them, but do them in such a way that you enjoy them, you’re focused on them and you figure out the details while doing them. SO…you don’t have to go back and do them again.

It’s a feeling of being in the zone. But actually being a part of who you are and not a temporary experience that is fleeting and so the entire time you’re there you’re anxious cause you know it could end at any time. More like a state of what I have read about Zen and not just Zone.

Now, all of that said. I now look at the juicing as something COMPLETELY different for me. As it turns out, is was NOT a weight loss thing for me, which is what I wanted it be. It was actually more of what Joe Cross somewhat talked about, but kinda decided to go away from in his movie, a Reboot. I mean isn’t that what he even has a website devoted to?

But it comes across more as weight loss. Why? Because that’s what we stupid humans want so, so desperately. Another fad diet! Look at the people he was talking to, all of the large ones talked about how terrible they felt. But the less fat ones talked about what??? Weight loss. It’s what we all obsess about. I know women do more than men. And I have been accused of being a chick as much as I spend time worrying about my weight.

But when you lose weight what do you have? A body that is still complete flabby. But what are we inundated with in diet pictures and pictures on the net? If you lose weight, you’ll look like this. And then they show these fit beautiful people.

Did you catch the key word in there? No, not beautiful. FIT!!!! They show these people with 10% body fat that are fit and lean. But they ARE fit!!! It’s the exercise!!!

But back to the juicing and what it REALLY is: A reboot for your system. It is literally turning your body off for a moment and then turning it back on and allowing your system to do a complete overhaul check, and cleaning, of bad spots throughout your entire body. It checks the drives and the peripherals. And then goes in and starts rebuilding anything that is damaged. And then anything that is extra and isn’t needed is put in the trash can. But what do you need to do when it has completed this task and the computer is up and running again? You have to go and DUMP THE TRASH!

That’s what I feel my back end is doing right now, in gangbusters fashion. :-)

The juicing has allowed my body to break things down, heck, break things APART! And then go into them and rebuild. It shrunk my stomach. It taught my brain to STOP listening to the stomach while I’m eating and make (and eat) smaller portions, let the food settle in, and then the stomach will be fine for a while. Also, it has taught my brain to stop panicking when it sees small portions and realize, we will be eating more in a few hours. It’s no longer “we have to eat at this time and then are not allowed to eat any other time until the next meal as allotted by our society.

It’s a REBOOT! A detox. Exactly what the MUCH wiser people over in the raw and juicing forums say it is and really don’t claim anything else.

I hated reading those forum entries while I was fasting. I wanted answers, and let’s face it, quick fixes, to my pain, problems and issues. I couldn’t find it there. And why not? Because THOSE folks don’t claim it as a fad diet. It’s a cleansing for them, the skinny $¥\~@3:\%^s!

It’s when things have completely gone whacked and EVERYTHING seems overwhelming and out of control. They realize, “WAIT! Hold on here. It’s not the outside world that is causing this. There are ALWAYS difficulties in life. It’s how I’m handling them all right now.”

It’s me, not you.

It’s the time, that they now recognize, in all their years of seeing this, that it’s time for the body to reboot, repair and start over from base.

We talk a lot about that in our lives when things get out of control and we try to relax and stay in control. But our body is still full of poisons and scar tissue. Drinking 40 gallons of water or going and getting a massage, while great things, aren’t what the body truly needs. See…it’s not popular.

“I don’t want to waste the time it takes.”
“It’s uncomfortable.”
“It’s too expensive.”
“It hurts.”
“Isn’t there something quicker?”
“I’m too busy.”
“How can I possibly take the time off?”
“The world won’t shut off while I do this.”

All of these things are true. And, of course, I have an answer for each and every one of them. But I’m sure you all do, too.

I didn’t want to put my mind and body through it either. I knew it was going to freaking hurt for the first few days. I KNEW I’d have migraines and nausea from the hunger. But I saw in the movie, the other side. I saw “the light.” If I could just mentally toughen-up and break through the barrier, the “two-three day wall,” then I’d be fine.

And, I KNEW I could do it from all my years in sports. Mentally toughen yourself up ahead of time for the pain and endurance you would need to break through in order to get to the next level.

What I then realized was that breaking through that “two-three day wall” was not the reward, but more pain. And then more pain. And then feeling a little better but still not 100%. Then the pain again.

Am I happy the Seahawks lost so I had an excuse to leave the Juice Hell I was living in? NO! Okay, excuse me for a moment while I speak French. HELL NO!

But as I wallow in my pool of tears, I have to find solace in SOMETHING! I have to find the phoenix in the ashes. And I’m finding that it’s not a bird coming up out of them, but a whole new me.


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