Reaching a Plateau

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January 23, 2013 by Rex

For the past several days (let’s call it 4) I have been right around the same weight of 197 one day and the 198 the next only to fall again the following day.

It’s kinda weird that I lost all that weight right after stopping the juicing reboot and then just settled into what I was before the Christmas holidays.

I basically have lost the 10 pounds I had gained during that two week period. I still take the Lipodrene twice a day and I am working out every day. (It’s all weights right now,as I’m still trying to stretch out the piriformas and iliotibial band in both my legs. Oh yeah the pelvic tilt thing too.) So no cardio.

Apparently, these are all VERY common ailments any more. On Friday I get a massage that is suppose to release all those muscles. So we’ll see. The stretches really do help. And the core strength exercises are helping me get stronger in the mid section. Still not great. (It’s very uncomfortable to come back up from bending over.) I’m still holding out hope that it has just been a LONG time since REALLY putting my body into shape and all these years of letting the stomach muscles go, along with the hernia surgery from last January, are the limitations I’m up against right now.

I guess I wish I knew HOW long it would take for me to REALLY feel a difference. You know that one day when I bend over and bounce right back up like it’s nothing. I don’t believe it’s my age that’s causing this and that it irreversible. I think it’s just going to take hard work and dedication to getting out there everyday and do something more.

I don’t know if I’m pushing myself hard enough during the session or not. I mean I’m not sweating while I’m doing it. But then again I’m working out in a room that is around 50 degrees right now. So that may have something to do with it.

Also, I do feel twinges in my muscles and ESPECIALLY in my lower back when I try to push too much and I don’t want to cause an pull or injury that would then set me back weeks in rehabbing that. I got enough things I’m working on and essentially rehabbing. I don’t need to re-injure any of them or bring some new pull into the group.

My eating habits have stayed somewhat subdued still. But I’m still not dropping the weight and my clothes don’t feel any different on me. I just find that very interesting. I still try to keep my portions small and I’m doing a really good job with the snack meals each day. Eating apples and oranges and almonds most of the time. For lunch Deb’s been making some wonderful spinach salads that she found from the Internet. Gosh, I don’t know the last time I’ve had any bread product. Oh, yeah, I do. It was last Wednesday Night, like tonight, family homemade pizza night. But that’s it!

Deb makes a great stir fry over cauliflower that she cooks in such a way, that it becomes the rice. You believe it, but it really is good. I don’t miss rice at all!

The only other thing I can think of is the lake of general activity during the rest of the day. Right now we are in the middle of the coldest winter we’ve had since moving to Idaho. I had a feeling it was going to be a cold one this year back in the fall. But, I had no idea!!!

The tractor is frozen where it sits. The greenhouse is 16 degrees (that’s at about 10 am. when i wake up at 6 am it’s a cool 1 degree) in the morning and can work it’s way up to 36 in the afternoon, if the sun is out. The shop is freezing and there is snow on the ground. So not a lot can get done around here right now. So just putting on all my garb to go and cut up some wood out in the shop kinda sucks. There’s a lot of sitting and looking at stuff on iPad this month.

And, according to the weather forecasting, we aren’t going to be seeing much of the 30s any time soon!!!

I know I should be happy with all this as it gives me a chance to write on here articles that I’ve been thinking about for years. But just haven’t found that motivation yet. I mean this a sight about being frugal, right? So where is it?

I guess I always think about my health and strength and general well-being this time of year. I guess New Years and all. And don’t think about the frugal. The other thing… kinda hard to take pictures to show some of the stuff since it’s ALL UNDER SNOW!

But it will be coming.


our veggie beds under snow


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