Juicing and Alcohol

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January 29, 2013 by Rex


My friend booze.

Well, it used to be. Before juicing I really liked to drink. I wasn’t an alcoholic, really. I just enjoyed the taste of booze.

I had gotten to the point were I would have my afternoon coffee with Irish Cream in it. I LOVED that coffee. I was so excited each afternoon, waking up from my nap, and making a pot of coffee for myself and then I would drink it the rest of the afternoon while I worked on projects and listen to Podcasts on my old iPod.

I was a machine too! I got projects whipped-out projects that have been sitting around waiting to get done since we moved in here two years ago. I was banging out window trimming like it was going out of style. I got 5 windows installed in just two days time!!! I got the walls put up, dry walled, taped and textured for the gym and library areas!! I pulled electrical, I installed a sink and pump for sewer in the laundry room.

I was a machine. I told myself I would stop the projects by the second week of December and take a break while my Mom was visiting us and the holidays. Deb doesn’t do well with holidays and daily messes. One or the other she can usual handle. Two? Overload!!

I kept the Irish Cream coffee thing going though.

So come around 6-6:30p when I would kinda kick off for the day. Then I would sit down and relax with a glass of wine. I’d finish that one pretty fast and get me another one. That one I would usually sip a little slower and by the time Deb had gotten dinner ready, around 7-7:30pm I was ready for a third glass.

This I would do almost every single night!! Kid you not. I rarely felt drunk at all. And only some times, with the wine only, I would feel a buzz! Towards the last month before juicing Deb was having one cup of Irish Cream coffee also and then a couple of glasses of wine.

We were going through 4 of those big CostCo bottles of Irish Cream a month!!! And about two of the box wines of Chillable Red. (What can I tell ya, were high end wine connoisseurs :-) )

Now, I know what your thinking (outside of, JEZ this guys a lush) how can this be frugal??? Well, you’re right. It was about $80 a month in booze. But I felt it kept me sane and really the Irish Cream coffee was making me a machine. And not because I needed the booze to function. But it tasted so good that I was willing to continue to work my butt off so I could enjoy it. It was a reward for me working so hard.

There would be some days when I wouldn’t drink any booze too. Either there wasn’t time or I just didn’t feel like it. But then the juicing started. ( And Deb and I were drinking wine the whole time we watched, Fat, Sick and Almost Dead.)

I missed coffee more than I missed booze. And it wasn’t as much the taste of coffee for me, as the smell of it, especially in the mornings. I was looking forward to my juicing being over so I could get back to drinking coffee. Again, it didn’t feel like an addiction, although I most certainly went through caffeine withdrawals in the early part of Juicing. I just really liked the taste of it first thing in the morning when I would get before everyone else. Start it brewing while I would do my morning chores, including getting a fire started and going out to feed Eva our cow. (Picture to come.) by the time I got back the milking supplies would be done getting santatized and need to come out of the sink to dry and the coffee would be ready. I could get that first cup, sit down in that comfy chair of ours.


My Morning Chair

And relax with the iPad, reading, writing and researching. And sipping that first WONDERFUL cup of coffee. It was great. It IS great and I’m glad to back to it.

But the booze. Here’s the funny thing. I don’t really want any?!?! It’s weird. I tried the Irish Cream in the coffee one of the first days I was off the juicing and I couldn’t really taste it and I haven’t put any back in my coffee since then.

The wine??? I poured a glass last week sometime and I didn’t even finish it. I had it over in the living room, then it was time for dinner and forgot to take it over. By the time I got back to it after dinner, I didn’t really want it and put it into the fridge for Deb to have the following day.

Right now sitting here, writing about it, I have a cup of coffee, but have no desire to put the Irish Cream in it. In fact, I’ve taken it down to just two cups in the afternoon. I was back up to almost a full pot and then I realized, “Hey wait. I put honey in each cup. That’s probably not helping me get down to the body shape I want to be.” So I’ve cut back. I may do so even more in the future. A girl at the Co-Op we shop at suggested a certain tea she said really helped her lose the weight and kept the coffee craving away. I have a box of it and I think I may try it tomorrow and see how it goes. (I drink may tea straight with now honey.)

It’s almost 6pm. Normally, wine drinking time. But lately, when I’m done with my coffee I switch to my water bottle. I don’t know if other people have experienced this feeling or not. Or if it’s normal after juicing to feel like this. I just find it very interesting.

And I kinda like it.


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