And So The Obsessed is Officially Born


February 6, 2013 by Rex

February, 5 2013, 05:11 PM

So I want to change the blog and move the health stuff over to another blog. Why. Well, the things I'm VERY interested in right now are not Frugal, they don't really involve farming or the family.

So “thehealthobsessedhomesteader” is born. Now… I have the daunting task of moving everything over from the one blog to the other.

And right now I AM obsessed with fitness and health. I really don't have much interest in farming, right now, as I can't really DO anything outside. There's just too much snow on the ground. So I finally decided, since this winter is SO crappy this year. Why not do what I've wanted to do the last two years. Work on my body, health and strength. I've threatened to do it before. But I've always gotten distracted. But last year was kinda the cracking point for me.

I feel I did very little in the veggie bed area and hence we did not get as many veggies as we have gotten in the past. I don't feel I did as much work around the homestead and so we really had a bad time with seedlings, plants and getting fruits and veggies for ourselves.

Also, I did not lose the weight during the summer as I had the previous summer on a similar diet. I then proceeded to put on 10 lbs in two weeks over Christmas.

By mid summer it was hard to even walk or stand for long periods of time. I started needing reading glasses. i pulled my left bi-cep in July lifting a big screen Sony TV onto the truck bed from a yard sale.

I FINALLY went to Michael (my doctor) to find out what was going on. I thought it was because I wasn't fully recovering from the umbilical hernia surgery I had in the middle of January, and that certainly contributed and even could have sent the body down the road it took, in trying to compensate for the lack of strength in the stomach area.

But to find out I had SEVIER: Pelvic Tilt, Pariformus and Iliobital Band Syndromes just kinda got to me. When your 45 and want to feel 32, and your doctor is telling you he'd sign the handicap form for me to get a placard for the car. Well, there's just something that don't quite sit right for me.

I don't know if I was fighting through some depression in there also or not. Maybe a little. But I was dang busy with so many things. I'm not sure I really had TIME to be depressed. But the more I think back on it right now. I didn't have much energy. Sex drive was low. But also, Deb (my wife) just had Jake (our fourth kiddo) so I tried to shut myself off so as not to pressure her.

And I have to admit, during the Fair, my center of body was hurting. It was hard to walk around. I would have to stop for a moment out in the parking lot, and do some bend over leg stretches to make the legs feel better.

I had started to do the stretches I had found on the Internet and they were helping. But, I wasn't finding time to lift. I put a LOT of time and energy from about September through to the second week in December in fixing up the inside of the house. Then I wasn't really doing the stretches much because where I was working on the house was putting together our gym and library areas. So it was a little messy in there to lift or even stretch.

But I wasn't putting much time into my body. I would stretch some mornings when things got really bad. But there were days when we'd be going shopping or something and my legs would begin to go numb! I could do a little stretching and get some feeling back.

I remember one of the REALLY bad incidents happened at the CO-OP. I had met this girl, who worked there, and we were talking about weight loss and she showed me some stuff and then Deb, the girl and I kept talking. We talked for a pretty good amount of time and my legs were starting to go numb standing there on that concrete floor. At one point in the bulk aisle, I had to actually rest up against the spice counter because I really couldn't feel my legs very much. I was later able to stretch and get feeling back. But that just SUCKED!!!

Deb and I's juicing experience was interesting and writing about it and getting comments back was helpful in getting through it. Well, as far through it as I could.

Even after the juicing though I enjoyed writing things going through my head. At the same time I started REALLY working out and being at least a LITTLE serious about it. Then I found the old photo of me after I had lost all that weight and done some silly nothing weight lifting at Eagle. I always liked that picture of me. I never realized how much until I saw it and saw the new picture of me that we took for the before juicing. JESUS CHRIST!!!

There's only 6 years between photos. But I look like I've aged 20!!! I look like SHIT. That was just a revelation for me. The lights had come on and I had to come out from hiding. I don't WANT to look like this right now. I'm too damn young to be looking like this.

So when I started working out and Googleing for good looking fitness pictures as motivation. What I wanted and what I wanted to surround myself around.

Then I even started doing some research on things I could be taking to help facilitate the road I want to get on and help me toward my goal(s).

Plus, I finally got the massage done to me. And I just want to write about the different things that are going on and what I find and what I learn. So it's out there for people to read. To help others who are thinking similar thoughts as me. That want to try different things and find out what works and what doesn't. It give encouragement to others, and hopefully, to get encouragement FROM others as well.

This winter BLOWS. And the things to do around here are very limited. This is the PERFECT time to work hard on my body and even put a little money towards improving it. Because in the long run it will save us TONS of money in fruits, vegetables and will get this sad rehab house we bought up and looking great for years our enjoyment.

Because, come growing season and when it's time to get outside and start working hard, I want to have the stamina, energy and strength to do it and keep doing it!

So read, comment and we'll help each other along. 🙂



3 thoughts on “And So The Obsessed is Officially Born

  1. First off, think it’s wonderful this idea of finding this falling apart house and fixing it up. And cultivating your own garden so you will be able to have all the yummy stuff when summer comes.

    As far as the photos go, I don’t think it looks like a 20 year difference. I think with the weight loss and getting back in shape you will be back to looking like the old photo in no time. I think it’s good to keep this photo around, so every time you want to give up it’s a gentle reminder of what you’re working towards. I have one of myself on a beach from a few years ago on my iPhone, and every time I want to shove a pizza down my throat I look at it for a few minutes and the urges get better.

    I think you really want the change, and need the change, it’s just a matter of coming up with a plan. Yes there are a million different ways to do it, but all you need is one. Have you thought of trying p90x or would that be too intense for you? Without a concrete plan that will make a difference, it’s easy to keep putting things off until the next day.

    Also, for your health issues have you ever tried hot yoga? Apparently it’s really good for circulation, just thought of it because of the numb leg issue you were having before.

    Also adding some male weight loss inspiration here for you, since I know you mentioned in your other post there is not as much of it on the internet:

    Happy juicing!

    • Rick says:


      You Rock! Thanks for the suggestions. I do have a plan. Somewhat sort of. Well, okay, not really a plan. But I found a 4 week workout routine that’s designed to get rid of the “Neanderthal look” as they are calling it with the curved spine and pelvic tilt. I’ll probably write more about that in the future.

      I do keep that picture of me around a LOT on my iPad. I really can’t believe I looked like that. I didn’t even look that good in college when I was playing football and baseball!!! I’m also putting together a slide show to watch in the gym while a workout of sexy looking fit people and the motivating quotes. I did a little test run on it yesterday with a small amount of photos and it REALLY helped me pump through my crunches. I ended up doing 400 of them!!!

      I do plan on doing a seperate blog on restoring this homestead. Showing before and after shots and the trials and tribulations that we go through on our trek towards some self-sustainability. I’m starting to find more of the niches of what I want to write about. Instead of the Frugallity aspect from the other blog. I think these new topics in my head are going to allow my creative juices to flow a little better as I am a kinda stoked to be writing about this getting in shape thing especially.

      I don’t know what p90x is. Though I’ve seen people talking about it in other blogs. I’ll look into it.

      I have done lots of yoga and Pilottees in the past. Deb and I use to go every Monday and Friday nights to our 24 Hour Fitness when we lived in Southern California and we really liked doing it. I have done some yoga DVDs here at home since then, but it’s not quite the same. But better than nothing. I have never done Hot Yoga, but again, have heard of it. And even know a woman in the town we first moved to here in the Boise area who did it and WOW she really lost the weight and looked really good. I don’t know if I could handle the heat. I feel like I’d suffocate!! Plus, I don’t have your kind of money any more 🙂 . (Just kidding) I don’t know how much it costs. But seriously, I don’t think I could afford it. But you know… I’ll look into it. I don’t know if there’s one near us though either. But I’ll check it out.

      Again thanks for the comment. I really enjoy your words and suggestions and I will check out that link you sent.


    • Rick says:

      Okay, so I looked up the p90x.

      First of all. I think it would in fact kill me! Secondly, and a little more serious, a LOT of people complained that the DVDs stop working and the customer service is HORRIBLE!!!

      So I’m a little leary of purchasing them.

      But I will keep it in mind.

      It reminds a little of “Body for Life” from about 10 or so years ago. That was only a book though. But he had a certain week program and showed before and afters and you had to follow the program AND the food. It was REALLY hard for us to get into his food suggestions. We probably could do better now.

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