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February 6, 2013 by Rex


So, while I was doing research on the SWATS Ultimate Spray I stumbuled upon a website of Big Time weight-lifters and reviews of supplements. And started doing some research on the different products I was ready about. This Mass HGH kept coming up and got AMAZING reviews from everyone. So I started looking into a it a little and found a place on that sells it for a decent price. And SOOOOOOOO… I ordered it.

I’m kinda pumped up to try some of these new found, for me, wonders. and since the SWATS Ultimate is going to take a little while to get to me, I thought I’d give this thing a shot in the mean time. The thing I see as it’s biggest benefit is the faster recovery time of the body, during the night mainly, to get back and be able to workout hard the next day. I think that will be a REALLY good thing for my body. It also is suppose to help you sleep better. Which for me, if I can get off my Trazadone and this can help me sleep better. Yes, I have to pay for this, where the Trazadone is covered under my insurance, but I’m hoping to try and get off everything. That is a much longer term goal for me.

The Mass HGH is also suppose to cut down the gut some and most of the reviewers said they went way down in body fat. Of course, I’m hoping that it helps pump the muscles up as I have Never really been one to SHOW massive muscle tone even when I was playing College Football and Baseball and was supposedly in shape.

Now, the uncool thing is, I ordered it and it was Shipped yesterday. But I’m being told by the tracking info on Amazon it won’t be here until next Wednesday 😦

Normally, I’m not that impatient of a person. I don’t really mind when things get here. When they do then I get them and I can start using them. but I can keep myself busy until then.

But I noticed a little of a mental let down yesterday while working out with the “Neanderthal Program” I’m doing. I want to try these miracle supplements!!! I want to get cut and ripped and sexy and hot and irrestible and in shape and being able to bend over without it hurting so much and having my legs go numb and lose weight NOW!!!!

Yes, I know… in reality, even by starting to take these things it is NOT going to happen over night. And in all likelihood, a few of the things on that list will NEVER happen. But that is how fast my mind is spinning right now. It’s hard to concentrate on any one thing right now and yet at the same time I’m TOTALLY obsessed with the supplements working their miracles on me.

Plus, I’m excited to start trying them and being able to do a journal of the experience of taking them for other people to be able to find this information and to use it so they know whether this crap works or not.



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