Massage: Part II


February 7, 2013 by Rex

Just got back from my massage. This was the follow-up from the first one two weeks ago… I guess I should write about that too… Hmmm…

Anyway, I'm not gonna kid ya', it HURTS!!! And yes, she brings tears to my eyes. There's a LOT of deep breathing while she works on the Pariformus and Iliobital band muscles. And there would be some screaming except I don't want people in offices next door thinking there's funny stuff going on in there.

She told me the muscles had loosened up and stayed loosened from the last time. But there was still PLENTY of work needed. And she was willing to do it!

It's a strange sensation. I mean it hurts like hell, but at the same time, it's a satisfying pain. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Or I hope I can, otherwise, I being REALLY mean putting my body through this. There was point I almost cried “uncle”. But, I gritted my teeth grabbed the bed with my fists and breathed through it.

It feels weird when she's working on a knot back there. It feels like she's going over bone! And just when I think she's going to give up, she goes in even deeper. Slowly… EVER so slowly the muscle begins to give way. And what was once one big boney blob she was rubbing over, turns into a series of three smaller bumps that she keeps hitting to try to work it all the way out.

She said she was working on SI part of my back. Kind of the area in a triangle where all the lower muscles come and meet and connect the back. She told me that if she can get there area all worked out I feel INSTANTLY like a whole new person.

And there it was!! That moment that someone said something that one point in my body that could snap and make me all better. It's there. I feel what she's talking about as she works on it.

When I came home I felt decent. Still a little stiff in the lower back. But something different. Better. So I went out to cut upa a couple of pallets for firewood. This is something that has put a strain on my back. Lifting and maneuvering and then leaning over while I cut the pallet pieces apart with the circular saw.

WOW! I noticed a difference. I wasn't straining as much. It didn't hurt as much either. It felt better, not perfect. But WAY better!

Yes, I even feel a little more spry. A decent hope in my step. I brought the plastic tote bin into the house from the shop. It was decently heavy, since the pallet I cut up was solid oak. And I didn't feel as if I was straining to bring it in as much!

This is what I'm hoping for. That thing. That thing in my body that can get released and makes my body back available to me. This could be THAT thing.

She told me that my body had responded really well to the first treatment. My feet and knees were point straight up on the bed instead of out like they did before. My left leg was still a little bit longer than my right. She worked on me with some stretches and by the time she was done they were even again!!!

She was VERY encouraged to see my progress after only the one session. She told me I was not the worst she had ever worked on, but I'm pretty bad. Or was. It's much better now.

I go back for another treatment next Thursday morning.

In the meantime, she told me the workouts I'm doing at home are DEFINATLY helping and to keep them up. She also said, to stay off the leg curls and extensions for now. And to give the Elliptical a try and just see how my body responds. But to be aware during working out that my back is the loosest it's probably been in years and just to be careful not to do too much because this is the time to get a back pull.

It's all VERY encouraging!


One thought on “Massage: Part II

  1. Sounds like you are well on your way! Every session WILL get easier.
    I had to do physiotherapy once for my leg, and I remember the exact same feelings you describe in this blog. But the more progress you make with her, the better you will feel each time.
    It’s great that you are getting this taken care of, sounds like you have all your bases covered to a long, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!

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