Mass HGH came! And Night 1 Begins

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February 10, 2013 by Rex

So the Mass HGH came yesterday. I was very excited about that. It was the night of Maddie's Murder Party. I decided to go for it on the Trazadone and cut it off.

I drank some Bedtime tea. I took my 3 Mass HGH pills. Along with 1/2 pill of the Citalopram. 1 5-HTP, and four ibeprophans (I was feeling some stiffness in the back and legs from the massage.)

I read until about 12:45a and then turned out the lights.

Well… it was a long night.

But here's the thing, before I tell you how much went on, I was at peace the whole night while I tossed and turned. I really didn't let it get to me. It felt weird to be so calm during it all. It felt great too :-). I don't know where I found this peace and resilience from, but I hope I can continue to go there during the whole thing.

I got up numerous times to go pee, and since I was up and somewhat awake, I would check the fire and put a log on here and there.

I finally decided to take an ear plug out and listen to the waves Deb has playing. Wow, those REALLY didn't help. So I decided, very calmly I might add, to come out and get the iHome and plug my old iPod into it and play the comedy stuff I had put on there for Deb last year.

I really enjoyed that. It was the old favorites. Bill Cosby, 70s George Carlin and Bob Newhart. The stuff I used to listen to when I was growing up.

I would have a stack of five or so Bill Cosby albums on an old kids record player on a make shift night stand I had made with a TV tray. The player was an automatic, multiple player with speaker built-in. So when it got to the end of one record, the arm would lift up, go back, then drop the next record down and start playing again. And that would go on throughout the night and they all played in the background while I went in and out of sleep.

It was great and I loved those albums.

So doing it last night brought back some calming memories as I remembered how those albums comforted me back then and I was letting them do it again through new technology.

At one point I was really hnger. So I decided, again, very calmly, to get up and come out the kitchen and get a small bit to eat, then go back into bed. It worked perfectly. It was just the right amount and it took the hungar pains away.

I don't really ever remember falling asleep. Well, that's not true there was one moment around 6:30a or so, that I kinda remember jolting awake from a noise, I think, made on a bit from the iPod. And then I wasn't able to fall back asleep. :-(. Then the iHome ran out of power and died on me right around that time as well.

So I just kept laying in bed. I do a quarter turn rotate about ever 15 minutes or so as if I'm on the grill and I want myself to cook evenly.

At 7:50a I decided to get up. I enjoyed the fact that I had set up the coffee maker last night and with the fire being tended to all night by me, it was pretty easy to get it up and roaring this morning too. So then it was just a quick walk out to the barn to get Eva's breakfast for her and back in. Coffee ready, more wood on the fire and sit down here to get down the experience.

People are waking up and the morning routine will start for me soon. So I won't quite get the morning peacefulness as long as I wanted. But that's okay.

I'm a little nervous as to how my interactions with people will go today. And how my focus is going to be when I get up and start doing things.

Now… The plus side is today is Sunday, our “rest day.” So I may not be asked to do too much. And now that the party is over Deb may not feel quite as anxious to get things done.

Hiding away in the library may be a good call for me part of the day. And laying down for a little longer nap will eat up some time today. I can always do a workout in the afternoon to burn up some time. And I want to do some tweaking to the Comedy Playlist on the old iPod. I was wondering if it would benefit me to put the Comedy stuff on the new iPod or not. I can try and see how much memory it will take up and go from there.

The big thing I notice this morning though, I don't feel foggy headed! Isn't that strange? I REALLY figured with the complete lack of sleep I had last night, I would just be a zombie. This morning particularly. But, I'm really not. I feel decent.

So the first night off is over. It was a success. (In my book.) And I am VERY EXCITED for the future off this drug.



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