Night 3: I Think I Might Have Gotten Some Sleep (getting off Trazodone)

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February 12, 2013 by Rex

Really, I DO think I got some sleep last night. It was no where near as bad as the first two nights.

At first it was strange. I was tired. VERY tired. And I was kinda, almost drifting off. But a sudden noise would prevent me from going the whole way and I would wake and feel the urge to need to pee.

Now, no big thing right? But it was happening ever 20 minutes!!! Yes! And I would get up to pee and have a FULL bladder each time. I mean, I really DID have to go!

So this went on for the first hour and a half maybe. Then I think I went a little longer. And then longer still. But the longest I think I went was two hours.

But, I really feel there were times in there that I was waking up from sleeping.

Why is it hard to say? Because of the number of times I was still getting up during the night and the amount of turning in the bed I was dong trying to get comfortable. Hard to really remember how much time I was actually asleep during it.

Leo, the cat, has decided each night now sleeping between my feet at the bottom of the bed is a comfortable place for hm. Even when I shift him off to one side. He gets up and goes back between my feet.

I think it puts a strain on my lower back and so I wake up in pain and it's hard to fall asleep from that as well.

I also realized last night, the hardened pancake, I call a pillow, is just not working for me. I need to go to CostCo. And get a new pillow.

Yesterday was kinda interesting. I wasn't really tired during the morning or even when I got up. My afternoon nap was VERY restful. (I've never had to take any Trazodone to nap in the afternoons. Yet, I need it at night.) Waking up I got into my outfit and went out to workout in the gym. In was not that hard of a workout. Well, I didn't think it was. But it wiped me out! I was worn out at the end and had NO energy to do my crunches or any additional upper body.

I then tried to do some work on the iPad in the library and just started getting exhausted. So I decided to go lay down and continue listening to my Podcasts. It was actually nicely relaxing and I got a decent enough rest in order to watch a movie with the fam. and feel very tired afterward and ready to go straight to sleep.

Even now, I've been feeling a little tried. I'm thinking about how I can't wait for lunch and then get in to take my nap.

I noticed, even after the first night of being off the Trazodone, that the fuzziness in my eyes is gone!! Also, I have noticed getting up from either laying or sitting, and I don't get the light-headedness and feeling like I'm going to blackout now.

Oh, yeah. I have also lost 4 lbs in the last three days as well. I had started creeping back up last week and was right at 200.8 lbs. when I decided to get off the Trazodone. This morning, and this is after a pretty good sized dinner of Patty Melts, I was down to 196.8 lbs!

So I don't know exactly whether it's the Mass HGH, the Trazdone, that was causing the weight gain, or the exercising over the last three days. But something is causing another drop in weight.

As far as the Mass HGH goes. So far I haven't really noticed anything. Maybe it helped me sleep last night? I thought maybe there was some little bit of belly gone yesterday, but I forgot to look this morning, sorry about that.

I haven't written about the Citalopram yet, and I keep meaning to. But I have been able to go down to half a pill about ever 22 hours before I get the dizziness coming on. So that's not bad, and I'm not really pushing myself on that front right now as my body is a little weak from the lack of sleep.


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