Night 4: I Dreamt, Therefore I Slept

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February 14, 2013 by Rex

07:15 AM

At some point early in the night I got up to go pee. (I know, shocking.) And I realized I had been dreaming! I don't really remember what the dream was even about. But that doesn't matter. I realized what DID matter was: If I had a dream, then it means I had been ASLEEP! There it was. PROOF that I HAD fallen asleep and not only that, but had gone through all the sleep stages to come all the way back to REM state and dreaming. It was a full cycle of sleep as well!

Now, I don't think it was very long, and yes, I started the night by having to get up and go pee every 20 minutes for the first 1 1/2 hours. (But, it didn't bother me as much last night as the night before. It was more funny to me than anything else.) But, I definitely had rounds of sleep in there last night.

I'm not scarred to go to bed anymore. I'm a little excited. Just to see what the night brings me.

Yes, I toss around and I still try to get comfortable constantly. My lower back is killing me this morning. I hope to address that with the massage chick tomorrow. (I can't spell what her correct title is, so she's the “Massage Chick” for this blog 🙂 )

I woke up this morning with a little bit of dizziness going on. It's not too bad though. I think I just need that morning smoothie in me for my system to use.

Then there's the other amazing news. I went on the scale this morning and I was down to 194.6!!!!! I truly, couldn't believe it! I was amazed! It was something to see that number for me.

I also looked in the mirror with my shirt off and I can definitely tell a difference. The mid section is just that much slighter. I haven't been taking the Lipodrene for the last week so that's not thing doing it.

Mentally, I think it was the Trazodone that might having been causing my body to hold onto to that little bit of extra weight. Man, I hope that's true!! What an easy, well, relatively especially when the withdrawals go away, fix for losing that ten pounds I've been holding onto for sometime now.

But, I also realize that during this time right now of finding the right mixture of things to fix me. I am finding a commitment to be more healthy to my body and also a commitment to working out.

And right now especially, I find myself wanting to push more than my body is ready to take on.

And the last couple of days, I have found it hard to do my workouts. I don't know if it's the lack of sleep or not.

I have not felt the effects of the Mass HGH like the bobybuilding reviewers talked about. “Always wanting to be in the gym pushing and pumping.”

I have not noticed a pumped up feeling or look in my body yet. I REALLY haven't noticed increased energy at all. But again, this lacking could be coming from Mass HGH using everything it's got just to counteract the effects of the Trazodone withdrawal. I'll know MUCH more and feel better about analyzing the Mass HGH's effectiveness in a couple of weeks.

I know that I am feeling REALLY good about myself this morning being at 194.6 lbs. I'm hoping to be at 190 by the end of the weekend. ( I know, you all might think that's crazy to be losing weight like that. BUT, I know how my body tends to react. And I really do feel that these last 10 lbs are not really ON ME, as much as just hanging off the sides of the middle section of me. It's never weight I've really “owned”. I don't know if I'm even coming close to explaining it very well.)

Oh, I know. Let me explain it this way:

Two summers ago I found the Mark Sisson book “Primal Blueprint”. I had been looking for something along those lines for a few years now. (I hade never even heard of Palio ANYTHING before this, so it wasn't a trend looking thing for me.)

Anyway, I was on it for the entire summer of that year and into the fall, where I had lost 20 lbs that had been on me… Well ever since after that photo I took in February of 2007.

So I was able to get the weight off, by changing the things I eat and all the work I was doing that summer around the homestead. (There was a LOT of building and improving of the land around us that year in order to grow food effectively. Plus, building a barn for the milk cow I wanted to get and a large storage addition.) But there was no “work out” sessions in the standard sense of going into our gym and lifting weights. (In fact, our “gym” area was full of crap and the Smith Rack wasn't even put together.

So it was the last year and a half that I then proceeded to put that weight back on. I couldn't even lose it last summer when I went back on the better diet. ( I have a hard time eating salad during the winters around here.) But last summer was weird and different and I wasn't doing as much around here and I think THAT was the issue of not being able to lose the weight.

So… the reason I think I'm able to lose this weight so quickly, in surges. Is because I don't think this extra weight has had a chance to find a place to truly “stick” to me. It was put on VERY quickly which means, for my body, it went right around my waist.

And it's also the reason at the beginning of starting this blog, I was so frustrated the weight wasn't coming off.

Now it is. And I'm feeling healthier. The lower back still hurts and I worked in the greenhouse this morning and the left leg was working on becoming numb again.

I hope the Massage Chick will be able help fix that issue by getting the last of the knots out of the left leg muscles.


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