Night 5: Don’t Have a Clock? Just Use my Pee Schedule

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February 14, 2013 by Rex


07:28 AM

I'm BORED!!!

Nothing is going on in the NFL right now. Seattle radio is trying to get us stoked about the Mariners and the basketball team that isn't there yet. My lower back HURTS and makes the rest of my body stiff. I went up to 196.6 this morning ( I have NO idea. As I only had one piece of piece of pizza last night and two big salads for meals. What can I tell ya, my body's weird.)

I think part of me is bummed about yesterday morning's work in the greenhouse and then how it kind of effected my legs the rest of the day.

I even had the jittery legs in the middle of the night last night! That was weird. I usually get that when I'm watching TV. But not in the middle of the night while I've been laying down.

I tried doing stretches and also took Ibeprophan. I was able to make it go away eventually. But when you're already fighting other demons at night in order to sleep. It doesn't help when you get a jittery left leg.

I was TIRED when I hit the bed again last night. And true to form. Every 20 minutes (ON the dot, mind you) I had to get up and go pee! That lasted for about two hours. But still found myself getting up throughout the rest of the night to go.

It's very strange. Yes, I drink a LOT of water during the day and then at night when we're watching a movie I'll go through about 60 oz. of water. But to have to go on such an exact time schedule? Wow!

But then again, you are reading from a person who can go down every afternoon for a nap and wake up, to the minute, with never looking at the clock during the resting time, an hour after laying down! Not just occasional. Every. Single. Day!

So when I set aside my early mornings for getting up, doing the morning chores and then sitting down with my cups of coffee to enjoy reading the newest info on the Seahawks out there. And to look up other things I'm interested in and to write down my thoughts that wonder through my head. And I've got none of those things… I'm bored!

I begin to ramble in my writings and the biggest thing my mind does? Finds SOMETHING for me to worry about. Essentially, my mind picks a fight with me.

“Oh, you're bored?” It will ask. “Well, what about this thing?”

And trust me, 9 times out of 10, it's something stupid! Yes, it's usually something. But it has nothing to do with any train of thought I'm in at the moment and, although, it may be a worry overall, I probably have come up with a plan of attack which I have already worked out in my head and so I have to research in there to find it somewhere to come back up with it out of the blue and think it all through again.

Oh, I still don't do it. I just think about it again. Trust me… it's stupid.

But the point is, this is my morning routine. Just like my afternoon one is waking up from my nap, changing and going into our little gym to do my workout. Screw that up with having to do an errand or some event getting in the way, and I am thrown off for the entire day!!

I'm not really one of those either that gets up in the morning and can just start going at it. I need my warm up time. My me time, some might call it. Or how about time to flush the head of all it's random morning thoughts.

I just don't think I would really be willing to get up and go into the gym and do a around of morning yoga.

Deb needs her nighttime wind down. She'll stay up HOURS after the movie doing things on here iPad-mini. Me… I can collapse right into the bed and start my 20 minute pee intervals 🙂

But the mornings. AHHHHH yes… The mornings. Quite time. No talking, bickering, humming, whistling, farting, fighting, loud noises or questions asked of me.

Do my morning chores as soon as I can get through them and the rest of the time is collapse in the chair, drink yummy coffee and contemplate life! Watch the lights come on outside my window as the day begins for our part of the Earth.

It's nice. And the day eases into it as one person groggily comes up from downstairs, grunts good morning and goes to the bathroom. I hear Deb clearing her morning throat and Jake, the wee-wittle-one starts muck about in his crib.

I COULD be writing articles for the other blog on restoring a Homestead. But I don't have the energy to think that much 🙂



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