Ahhhh… Home Gym Nirvana

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March 6, 2013 by Rex

Whenever I go to a commercial gym. I'm never overly impressed or even desire their equipment. I mean, it's a workout facility. They SHOULD have all this high end stuff, and for the most part each machine only does ONE thing and so that is just not conducive to a small home gym.

But yesterday we went to Gym Outfitters and for the first time, I looked over some of their equipment they had there and WOW I found this tough sport Ax5 with the leg press connection. This thing is the MONSTER!!! It has SO much and it is build like a rock. A very stylish rock. But SOLID!!!!

It was REALLY awesome!!!

And if there were an eleventh commandment it would be “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors gym equipment.”

Oh, did I mention it was $4700 before sales tax? But I had it ALL worked out. Cause see they take trade-ins. So we bring all our Parabody stuff in and we get $2000 trade-in for that now it's only $2700 (plus sales tax) for the new sexy!!!

Never mind I could no longer do free for, squats lunges or dead lifts. Never mind that our Smith system does PRETTY much everything that thing does. That thing is the NEW sexy. Oh yeah. The rack only goes up to 200 lbs. what happens when I can leg press more than that??? Um…. Think I probably can right now even with the shape my Pariformus and Illobital bands are.

In the Smith system, I just keep adding free weights. If I run out of weights I can simply go buy another couple of 45 lbs weights and I'm now adding more. (Currently, that would cost me around $50 bucks at the local store.) is there even anyway to add weights to this other pulley system???

Sure when I got home and looked at our Parabody Smith system I thought: “JESUS!!! It's SOOO ghetto!” Then I begin to realize on any trade-in we're talking about is what? MAYBE $500?!??!

Yeah, it would be SOOO cool to change weights with the simple pull and replacement of a REALLY cool looking pin. And there's no more bench to move around the gym to change exercises.

But SQUATS are SOOOOOO good for the whole overall body not just the glutes. Although, I am encouraging Deb to do a few thousand of them a day to get that meaty, rounded, perfect… Oh wait… Where am I? Sorry, went off there for a second to “awesome glut and short work out shorts-ville.”

So when all the lights come on and the head gets cleared. I begin to realize (as I always seem to fall back to.) that we really do have a pretty good set up. All that research 9 years ago continues to pay off for the machine we ended up choosing to buy.

Once again the philosophy of “it's AWESOME to look and flirt with all the eye candy that's out there. Contemplate it, fantasize about it, touch it. But in the end you go home from the dance with the one you came with. And you'll be MUCH better off.”



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