Suppose to be the Greatest Day of the Year

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March 11, 2013 by Rex


Yes, yesterday was SUPPOSE to be the greatest day of the year. Why? Because it was Daylight Savings Day. Growing up that was the greatest day of the year for me, although I didn't even know it. That was the day that I could REALLY go outside after dinner and get in a good 4-6 innings of throwing the tennis ball against the garage door. It was the day we could get some innings of whiffle ball in. (Yeah, if I could actually talk Tom, older brother, into playing some.)

It meant warmer days. AND nights! It meant doing all kinds of things outside because it was still light out until around 8pm in So Cal.

It was the home stretch of school being over and summer beginning!!! Bad weather was going to be a thing of the past. It was more the beginning of spring than the first day of spring was.

It also was the last weekend in April when I was growing up. You see those bastards in a congress hadn't started F@&:$$:!ing with things yet. It was ALWAYS the last weekend in April. You didn't need a freakin' calendar to tell you when to do it this year. Because it was the last WEEKEND IN APRIL!!!

As I started getting older, Congress started pushing it forward. (Who was I to complain?) Bring the Greatest day of the year one week earlier? Okay.

They have now moved it almost a complete two months earlier than it used to be. It's never really bothered me much them doing that. Now… Here in Boise, however, March is NOT the beginning of summer. And, although, come the 20th, or so, will signify it on a calendar, it's not even the beginning of what I grew up knowing as spring.

Southern California kinda skews your entire view of reality. I mean even the weather seems created by Hollywood.

I never understood “April showers bring May flowers”, growing up. We never really had a lot of rain in April, growing up. February, March were our times. By April things were starting to get nice. It was spring. Or what correlated with spring. Gorgeous days, that were nice and warm. But once the sun went down, you realized it wasn't quite summer yet. As it started getting cold quickly.

But Showers??? NAHHHHH!!! And what May flowers? Any flower we had in May, had already been blooming in April. And will go on blooming in June, July, August and even into September.

So what was the big deal about them blooming in May?

It wasn't until we moved up to Boise that The light came on. You see, when it turns to “spring” on the calendar, here in Boise, it turns to the mud season.

Spring is only slightly warmer than winter. ( well, that's how it had been in the past 7 years.) This year we had a REAL winter and so now we are talking increases in temp of 30-40 degrees. That's never been the case in past years.

But instead of snow we get rain. Not a lot, well it doesn't really seem like a lot, but MAN it saturates the ground BIG TIME!!

Now, also, this area is a GIGANTIC clay pit!!! Come on now, we've all worked in wet clay at some point in our failed attempts to be artists in school. Now take that same modeling clay and make it wetter. I mean REALLY WETTER. Work that water in with your hands. Okay, now, imagine walking on that EVERYWHERE you go on bare ground!!! And THAT, my friends, is the mud season in Boise.

This time of year is the totally unpredictable time. One day you will be in shorts and T-shirt working in the yard. (There's a LOT of winter clean-up to do around here.) The next day you will be back to wearing three layers and a heavy coat, with hat and gloves. You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

We have had days of 65 degrees. And the very next day we will get a lite layer of snow!!! THAT is spring in Boise.

Come Mother's Day…. Ahhhhhhh that magical day around here. That is when the weather decides to make it's magical change. (It will be interesting to see if that happens this year though. Since EVERYTHING, weather-wise, has been almost exactly a month later this year!)

But normally, that is the last chance of frost around here. That is the day when it's okay to start setting plants out to get them ready for the ground and the outside. That is the day when it starts getting brighter and the clouds seems to dissipate . THAT is the beginning of the true growing season and the outdoor season and the reason for living in Boise!

That normally, begins a stretch of such gorgeous days as you will never see in Southern California anymore. Boise's “June Gloom”, when the clouds come in and make everything yucky and blucky, is in January, when rotten weather is SUPPOSE to be.

But nowadays in Southern California, “June” gloom starts in May and goes through the first part of July. Then, I don't know what in the heck to call it, “Summer Smog”?? Comes in and hangs out until the Santa Ana's blow it back where it came from, LA and Orange County. (But, that's a tale, maybe for another day. Who knows, I don't live anymore and I don't really care.)

But EVEN though Daylight Savings, no longer signifies the beginning of the warm season and better days to come. It DID still signify to me when it stays darker later. (Already 8:45p around here. In this area, in the middle of summer it stays light until 11pm, it's kinda cool.)

But for the first year EVER in all my years of living, Daylight Savings did NOT signify the greatest day ever for me this year.

And I KNEW it was coming too. I knew BEFORE the day was ever upon us. I didn't really know why, until yesterday when it actually happened and the this morning when Deb's stupid alarm clock went off and she got up before me. ( That is DEFINATLLY, a story for another post.)

I realized today. That no matter HOW much I hated this winter this year. I had found a groove for it. The weather was SO freaking crappy outside there was never ANY day this year so far to “cheat” a day as we call it. Or get a “Bonus Day” to get outside and get in a few hours work here and there and get a jump on things.

It was always crappy outside. And I had found my bliss in working-out. And in the last two weeks had found it even better in doing it twice a day. With a good cardio workout in the morning.

Also, it was an excuse to sit up late and watch a movie with the Family. It was this time of year that we sit down and watch “MidSommer Murders”, or “Inspector Lewis” or “Agatha Christie's”. It's a quite and lazy time. We may even make homemade popcorn.

But with that damn alarm going off this morning the realization of all that. Working out in the greenhouse all morning yesterday. The feeling tired and worn out from, possible pushing my body a little too hard these last two weeks.

But I realize that's all ending now. Normally, I will allow my body to adjust naturally in the morning to the new hours. And at night I would just force my body to go to bed at it's “normal” time according to the new clock time as oppose to staying up an hour later.

Deb never before, has had the alarm clock going. Normally, she too will sleep until her body wakes her up. So I will still have that extra hour. But not today. Not this time. Maddie and Ryan, too, have alarms set in order to get up and do their chores before noon, if they had their choice.

And so… The reality hits me. If I spend all my time outside, when will I lift? And yesterday I did NOT spend all my time outside. But I was in a funk anyhow and wasn't going to lift yesterday.

And soon… really, now, I shouldn't be up watching movies anymore.

I also realize with this wear down the last week. That my body, although quite capable of doing the workouts and feeling good while doing them, is NOT capable of doing what I'm forcing it to do right now.

But god, it feels so darn good while doing it. And I HAD been really happy with how my body has been feeling.

So, it's time to realize a compromise and to change routines a little. ( I do NOT like changing routines!) the weather will still be rotten here and there. Like it is this morning. (Raining for out of no where!!!) And so workouts should still be able to be worked into my routine. But we don't have anything to watch right anyhow… So I should be able to get I to the bedroom a little earlier tonight.

Right now, though, I feel exhausted ALL time. Not on my game completely. Not sure why. Back is KILLING me and I realize I need to ice it EVERY afternoon, and probably night before bed too.

I also am going to give an elliptical workout a try this morning and see if I can find some relief there.



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