I’m BACK and Better Than Ever!

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January 1, 2016 by Rex

Just to let you know… this is NOT a new year’s resolution. I’ve been wanting to do some blogging again fro a LONG time. But just never got around to it.

But as things have kinda changed in out health insurance this last month and I’ll be USING it for as long as I can, I thought I would start writing about it again.

I’ve also learned a lot in the last two years and I have gotten MUCH better at interpreting the information I’m getting. I hope I’ll be better able to convey to you all.

Let’s start with the drugs.

I’m still on Trazedone and Citalopram and happy about it. I have cut back the Trazedone to half what it was two years ago. So one 100mg pill per night instead of two. And have gone back up to the original prescription amount of 40mg. (I HAD cut it half to 20mg.)

And here’s the reason. Worry. 51Dt2jEiyRL._AA160_

A book by Dr. Edward Hallowell. I downloaded the audio book from our local library. (You should look into that for your local library. It’s a GREAT recourse to have. The library, not the book. Although the book is EXCELLENT.)

I hope to get into the Library and everything in a future post.

Anyway. The book is focused on anxiety and excessive worry. And that’s me! The author does a great job of giving examples of patients and their issues and how he helped them. It does a great job of explaining the different kinds of drugs and that they are helpers. But one of the best ways to fix anxiety is is through talk therapy… or see a psychologist. And that’s what I’m in the process of doing.

But he also helped me to understand that the Citalopram can REALLY help me and my anxiety. I felt MUCH better, after listening to the book, with my drugs. I upped to the Citalopram to the original level and I immediately felt a difference for the better. (The anxiety is still there. But it’s gotten better with that and other techniques that I use.)

Re-finding the audio books from my library has been a BLAST for me as well. I LOVE listening to books that I probably would NEVER read. i.e. How Starbucks Saved My Life. 51JFhLeOAZL._AA160_GREAT book!!! (His follow up book, not so much.) I have stopped being so dependent on listening to Seattle sports radio podcasts. Which have a LOT of depressive speculation and supposition that NEVER comes to fruition and in the end is basically :Blah, Blah. For about 8 hours a day. Being addicted to Seahawks football is another issue and one that I plan on working on more and more as the years go on. I’ll talk about more of this in future posts.

The Weight:

So, since I had written last I went through that summer and ended up getting my weight ALL the way down to 170 lbs. from 209 lbs at the beginning of January that year!!! It wasn’t THAT hard and I learned a LOT from doing it. I followed at great deal of the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. 51T4YZfJGTL._AA160_

Again… GREAT book. (And again, his follow ups not as good.) It helped BIG TIME having a beautiful and sexy wife that wanted to get a hot body and is a FANTASTIC cook and is willing to search out new recipes to get rid of the grains and specifically wheat from our diet.

And we have both come a LONG way down this road. I hope to figure out how to post receipts from Paprika on here so that more people can benefit from her research in finding great tasting foods that are also healthy for you.

My BIGGEST issue is she’s WAY too good a cook! The holidays have come and now gone and I have put on 20 lbs!!! Plus, the 10 lbs I added from falling off the last two years.

All that said I tipped the scales at 204.8 this morning. Bummed, yeah. But at the same time I feel MUCH more confident in being able to fix the issue now that the holidays have past us by.

It also helps to know that i have accomplished it before and I’ve moved back into the mindset of losing not losing the weight to look better and feel sexier, although that certainly is a motivator for me. But, I’m delving more and more into HEALTH. I want to live a happier, less painful existence in the future and I plan to use the resources available to me in both the local health industry AND research I find and feel might fit my needs as they come up.

THAT SAID: I resisted the book: NO More Heart Disease by Dr. Louis Ignarro. A book I had read and used about eight years ago to GREAT success. It gives a recipe and reasons for increasing the Nitric Oxide in our bodies, not only to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. But to also help in joint stiffness and pain. 513mz2VoYnL._AA160_

So I order all the vitamins and Amino Acids from Puritan’s Pride. The total cost (with a $25 discount 😉 ) $75. I will need to buy one more time of the Arginine . So roughly for 100 bucks I’m looking to lower those numbers (which I HAD before) and also to help alleviate the back pain and stiff joints I currently enjoy in the mornings 🙂

Back Pain:

Okay, so the back pain has stayed with me but is MUCH more manageable now. AND I finally learned and can remember to part of the body that’s jacked up. I have an issue with my Sacrum. (It’s a bone that sits between the pelvic bones in the back of your body.)Pelvis-454x3091

Knowing this REALLY helps me with my own bio-feed back I get from body. I concentrate more on the specific area when i note the pain. I can stretch accordingly and I can ask question of the PT I will see this coming week specific to that area and understand he’s answers better than I EVER have been able to.

As you can see in the picture the Sacrum is suppose to rest right into the Pelvic bones. My understanding is mine doesn’t set in there and is a little tweeted out of position. Now my GP, who I was actually very impressed with both his knowledge of this issue and of the anxiety issue. (He explained that he has HAD to become VERY intend to the anxiety issue as it is about 25% of his business with patience now!!! That’s CRAZY!!!) He explained that the Physical Therapy will help and they will be able to give me specific exercises to do to not only help that area back there but also to work on the core I the front. And it’s a MAJOR issue with the Sacrum doing more work than it SHOULD do.

That helps me and motivates me to concentrate and work harder on core exercises for my body. (Something that I TRULY neglect and don’t really work on it because between not SEEING a difference and not knowing EXACTLY what I’m doing , or should be doing for that area makes me unmotivated to continue.) I’m hoping that I will be given EXACT excises to take home and do and they will explain exactly what it’s doing in my body.

The Food:

I have learned a TON over the last two years, about not only growing our foods, but how to increase what’s in the soil naturally to make it available for those plants we grow to uptake them through roots and have them in the leaves, roots and fruits they produce for us to eat. It has been a HUGE learning experience, one I don’t totally get yet, but have added tremendously to the production of foods around here. And yes, I will get into that more and more in later posts. Plus, I hope to be able to keep updates on how things go this year on this blog.

That’s it for now. Want to get this out there and see if anyone reads it 🙂



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