Get Off Wheat PLEASE!!!

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January 13, 2016 by Rex



Okay, so it’s been 14 days now since I’ve had any wheat. I’ve lost 6 lbs in those 14 days. But that’s not it. I feel FANTASTIC!!!! I have started working out again and I’ve started using the therapy roller to work out sore stiff muscles. These certainly MUST be contributing to me feeling better physically. But it wouldn’t explain what is going on in my mind. I feel SO MUCH better mentally. I’m happier, and more energetic.

I don’t feel like eating all the time… although that was never really my problem. But I wake up in the morning. WANTING to get out of bed and do things. I’m NOT sore when I get out of bed, and this comes after two days of NOT working out. That’s usually when the pain in my lower back is the worst when I’ve been sitting around all day.

I did not have over panic attacks during the Seahawks playoff game… and let me tell THAT game was worthy of QUITE a few panic attacks! I just feel better. The stiffness in my hands is nowhere NEAR as bad and is almost gone! I noticed this morning while I was milking our dairy cow. I usually have to give each hand a rest and try to stretch and crack the fingers to get them limbered up to go back at it while the other hand wears out squeezing the teat.

Not only did I not have to do that. But when I went to feel for the pain that I can usually pin point in the middle and ring fingers of my right hand I couldn’t find any pain points!!

Last night, while we were all watching TV I got up to go potty. My wife sits next to me o nthe love seat and puts her legs up on the coffee table. Normally she HAS to put them down for me to get by. OR I can TRY to lift the right leg up and over and then kinda get the left leg up high enough to drag it across her legs. Last night, I got up and was almost JUMPING over her legs!!! I came back and did the same thing. I was so amazed by this tiny little feat that I actually did it couple of more times just to see if what was going on was actually going on. Was it true? Not only was I getting both my feet up and over her legs, but I actually had NO PAIN in my legs OR back!!!

Why Am I ending almost ever sentence with an exclamation point?! 🙂

Because this is AMAZING stuff folks!! Amazing. The new Physical Therapy along with the no wheat is a one two punch knocking the crap out of the bad things in my body!

There is one downside so far that I’ve noticed and it’s the ability to get to sleep. Some nights are not too bad. Others have been a little tough. It’s not that I’m wound up at ALL!!! I don’t have caffeine after 4:30 pm. I do work out from 5-6pm But still going to bed at 10pm should be enough time. There’s a difference. It’s energy that I’m feeling. My body hasn’t felt like this in 6 years!!!

The more I read Dr. Davis’s other book “Wheat Belly Total Health” the more and more I’m learning and learning how the government and the industry has TOTALLY screwed us into wanting and making us addicted to wheat over the years.

Look, I don’t want to get into a political argument with anyone. That’s not my goal here. It never has been. My goal on this blog has always been to find a healthy life and to fix the issue that plague me ever single day.

All I’m asking you to do is borrow the book from the library. Or if you’re lucky enough, like me, to have an AWESOME library system, download the audio versions of the books. I put them 1.5x speed to get through them quicker. I LOVE listening to books on the iPhone! I can do it while driving somewhere, or working out. Or even working out in the veggie yards, shop, or anything else that takes my time outside on this tiny little farm.

Get the book or listen to the audio. Try ONE WEEK without grains of any kind. Don’t use the starch substitutes that Paleo freaks try to throw into their recipes either. Just ONE WEEK. What is one stinking week out of your life? Plus, it’s January, a PERFECT time of the year to try something like this. It’s not like there’s much of anything going on. Just hunker down at your place. Don’t go out… ONE WEEK! At the end of the week I think you’ll feel better and you’ll notice differences throughout your body.

What’s One Week?


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