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January 26, 2016 by Rex

Want a great overall body workout and enjoy it the whole time? Work on a farm!

I went out yesterday afternoon and moved all the tires out of the Veggie Yard. There’s a LOT of bending, lifting, twisting, throwing heavy items, flipping and lifting to stack, sometimes above my head. There was also lifting to the stack and holding to bring it down gently as not to tumble the stack over. Also, rearranging the stacks into the same number tires. For better organization and the ability to pull off tires of the size that I need right away.

That was part 1 of the afternoon work. Part 2 was moving and inter-setting tires in the front yard. It was a mess and it’s been bugging me for a LONG time. So I went to task of taking the REALLY big tires (275, 265 sizes) and moving them into the lower parts of the berm. Getting them in under the branches I cut and stacked there. Then it was a game of fitting inside. One after another of the smaller tires. A big puzzle, if you will. It was a LOT of fun, but a LOT of hard work that I really didn’t notice until last night when I went to bed and attempted to fall asleep. I was SOOOOOO sore in so many different muscles and parts of my body.

It was a FULL body workout. There was a lot of walking back and forth to the different piles and carrying HEAVY tires from the shop to the front yard. It was an amazing workout! And the yard looks MUCH better.

I felt better too. It’s better than JUST a gym workout. Because it’s an overall body workout. Something VERY hard to get from a gym. No matter how many weights and different lifts you do on your body, you’re STILL not going to hit all the different muscles in all their different angles and directions it can move. And sometimes it’s the way some muscles work together that gives you a different over all lift and movement on your muscles.

I was TOO worn out by the time I was done with that and also the work I had done in the shop after the sun went down and it was too cold to work outside. And MAN I paid the price last night trying to fall asleep and then trying to stay asleep during the night. When I was asleep I feel like I Slept VERY well because I had a lot of vivid dreams. But I continued to be interrupted from them and then I felt the pain. So there was a LOT of ibeprophean taking during the night.


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