Progression of Wheat Belly

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January 26, 2016 by Rex


The number one thing I notice with removing all grains from my system (It’s been 4 weeks now.) Is the depression. It is GONE! Before, when I was in good moods I could always feel this “thing” tugging on my mind. It was RIGHT behind my good mood. I could tell it was just waiting for me to trip. Crack the window, unlatch the door. It didn’t need much more than that to rear it’s ugly head. I could always feel it, like a constant companion I could never quite get rid of.

But with the grains gone, so to is that “companion” of mine. There’s no dread just lurking behind the frontal lobe of my head. (That’s where it always felt physically to me as to where it resided.) It’s amazing!

And I have had it tested. The Seahawks elimination in the playoffs used to send me into a tailspin. People chewing me out on the Seahawks forum would raise my anxiety level. The bad weather we’ve been having here and there. (I mean it’s January in Idaho!) But none of them have done it. None of that has whirled me into a tail spin. The trouble sleeping I’m having I feel is more from having this extra energy and excitement to not want to sleep but to get back out there and to continue to work on projects.

I haven’t felt depressed because I haven’t gone into our gym and worked out the last couple of days. I haven’t needed to… I’ve gotten the workouts (and WAY more than I would in our gym) by being outside (sometimes even in the sun!) getting projects done and feeling ALL the muscles in my body (even my brain) working hard.

I have had cramps and queasiness in my stomach from losing the grains. (Something I hope to rectify when the probiotics from Puritan’s Pride get here.) And not a HUGE weight loss. (First of all, I’m probably building a BUTTLOAD of muscles on my body right now, and waiting to start taking the Kelp pills from Puritan’s Pride that Dr. Davis said could be part of the issue of lack of weight loss.)

But again… none of these things is getting me down. I don’t worry QUITE as much as I have in the past. Although, I do feel I’m going to need a little help in that area to chase that monster out into the light and KILL IT! But right now I feel like it CAN be killed and that I CAN do it!

I’ve never felt this way before in my life. I have also never been one of those ripped looking guys, even when I was playing Football and Baseball in college. I always had this SIZE thing but could never get a well defined body with six-pack abs you see in the pictures of the hunks. But I have always been incredible song. Like Crazy strong. So although I do let those pictures of the hunks get to me sometimes, and long to have my body be like that, I to know, from research that  I have done on the matter, some people’s body aren’t built to look like that. I’m not the huge burley guy you see at the front doors of bars or dance clubs, but naked, am I the guy you’re taking pictures of for underwear ads. (Heck I don’t eve swear a watch to pretend to look at 🙂 )

The energy is definitely more than I have had in a long time. And I can start to feel the strength coming back from the new exercises and workouts I’m learning from Joe the Physical Trainer. And they are helping the trunk/core area to get stronger.

I am now missing leg rains less and less, just as Dr. Davis talked about in his second book. Before when the kids were having French toast or our homemade cinnamon rolls my stomach would yearn for them. I would think about things I can’t have and then worry about what tonight’s dinner was going to bring.

But now I look forward to it all. Last night we had chicken thighs, spaghetti squash Au gratin and peas. They were a PERFECT compliment to each other! I ENJOYED the meal. It was savory and SOOOOOO tasty. I had ONE thigh and was full when my dinner was over. Not girthy. No sleepy. I felt GOOD.


So Once Again I Ask You…

Get off the grains. If for only a week. Try it. See how you feel. Eat more vegetables. Don’t just steam some broccoli in water and call it good. Go out and find a good sauce to cook them in and maybe put them under the broiler to crisp up a little. The info is now at your finger tips. It’s NOT hard to find. Go get Wheat Belly from the library or an audio version of it is even better, listen to it. Get past all the deep medical terms he throws out there are you and listen to the underlining information. Get off Grains! What have you got to lose for a week’s worth of time! That’s nothing when you look at your lifetime as a whole. Remember how hard finals were in college. Those lasted a week. Do you even remember the pain you went through for those??

Just try it… you might like it.


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