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February 28, 2016 by Rex

This came to me today in my e-mail box and so I thought I’d look at what he says and what I have experienced so far.

Mirror, Mirror . . . 

As you proceed through your Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox, you are likely to see some changes when you look in the mirror . . . changes you’ll find empowering, encouraging, even thrilling.

You will start to see changes in your face. Yes, if you lose, say, 5 to 7 pounds over the 10 days of your Detox, your face is going to look thinner. But you will likely notice that your face changed more than those few pounds would permit. You may observe reduced swelling or edema over the entire face and reduced puffiness around the eyes. If you compare a “before” and “after” photo, for example, you will often notice that your eyes look larger. If you started with redness or the wheat/grain signature seborrheic rash on the cheeks or along the sides of the nose, you will likely see this rash recede, then disappear, typically during the first week. Facial contours will change more than you expect, with sharpening of the jawline and cheekbones. Don’t be surprised if friends ask whether you’ve undergone expert cosmetic surgery to achieve such dramatic effects.

These are the changes that lead people on Wheat Belly social media to say that our “before” and “after” pictures look like two different people, reflecting the dramatic changes in facial appearance. (The photos are of the same person, of course, but the contrast reflects the often breathtaking transformations of this unique anti-inflammatory lifestyle.)

Yeah… I don’t know. The biggest thing I notice is I do NOT take a very good picture close up… okay yes, I know, I don’t take a very good one far away either.

I still think I have bags under my eyes, I DO however, feel that my face has in fact thinned out. I need to look and see if I have a picture of just before of myself. I tend not to take many close-ups of myself, unlike the entire teenage female population in the country currently.

I have as of this mornings weigh-in lost almost 10 pounds in the 2 months I’ve been off wheat and grains of any sort. Before this though I have had a terrible time with the weight going up and down in the 201-206 range. This morning I was at 197! And I know the reason why. Are you ready? Are you sitting down and not eating anything? I have been constipated BAD over the last month, even with taking probiotics. The last three days I have, for whatever reason, done a NICE job of cleaning out the pipes. And not in the diarrhea fashion, as you might think. This is something I feel has been coming on for  LONG time and maybe my body has turned a corner? And MAYBE it’s back to normal function. I HOPE so!

Of all areas of the body that shrink in size with this lifestyle, it’s the waistline that shrinks most, reflecting the loss of inflammatory visceral fat created by grain consumption. Sometimes the deflation of abdominal size is dramatic, beginning even during the first few days, reflecting healing of the gastrointestinal tract and reduced bloating from the removal of bowel-disrupting grains, as well as loss of fat. Over days, weeks, and months, visceral fat continues its retreat, a wonderful effect that compounds the health benefits that develop in the wake of wheat and grain removal while sparing you any more questions about when you are “due.”

Okay, this could be gross to you so I hope you haven’t eaten recently. I don’t see a DAMN bit of difference in my mid section. It looks just as fat and grotesque to me. 2: I have lost as of today, 8 lbs. total over a month and a half. Nothing to write home about. Now, I HAVE only started the Sea Kelp pills, which are suppose to help the thyroid and the Probiotics. So I am willing to let this go, for now. I have a VERY strong feeling that I may need to work on keeping my body in Ketosis for awhile. As I recall, that was hoe I dropped the 30 lbs a few years ago. And I mean Significantly! Back then, as similar to now, I was following Mark Session’s Primal Blueprint and wasn’t really dropping the pounds until I looked into Ketosis and studied it and tested it out on my body. I found that once I REALLY concentrated on keep my carbs down below 100 per day and even more so in the 50-80 range that’s when the weight shredded off of me. And the ONLY way that help me in that endeavor was tracking everything I ate with “myfitnesspal.com” (They have apps for the iDevices that work really well too.) It was hard for us, but my wife did a GREAT job of coming up with the numbers of all the things she made. (We eat almost exclusively from scratch. So we don’t get he benefit of the packaged food numbers on the back of the packaging. BUT myfitnesspal.com has a WONDERFULLY full library of numbers in their database and it’s ever expanding so it’s getting easier to do it.) I will talk more about myfitnesspal.com in a future post. I will say here, it is an app well worth exploring. And it’s FREE!!

Among the other body changes that you may observe with your Detox include:

Loss of cellulite—Many women experience a reduction or elimination of the cellulite on their thighs, a curious development that can have dramatic effects on the appearance of the legs. The retreat of cellulite can begin during the 10 days of your Detox and continue onwards over a longer period.

Well, not being a woman don’t know what to tell ya here. But I will go back to where men tend to pack that fat (the abdomen and will say I’m not seeing it.)

Thicker hair—Many people experience thicker hair over time. Because hair grows slowly, this effect will require longer than the 10 days of your Detox. Women with thin patches typically experience a gradual filling in. (Men generally do not enjoy this effect, unfortunately, since male hair loss develops due to different reasons.) Much less commonly, some people experience hair loss early in the process, which then grows back thicker and fuller over time. This likely reflects the reversal of skin inflammation with wheat and grain removal followed by a regrowth phenomenon.

Again… not too sure about this. Only time, and a WHOLE lot of embarrassing photos over a long period of time will tell.


Nails—Fingernails and toenails often become thicker and smoother over time as they grow, reflecting the improvement in skin health along with hair (since nails and hair are really forms of skin). Many report that fungal toenail infections, evidenced by chronic discoloration, thickening, and nail separation, usually treated with toxic medication, recedes and disappears.

Okay… I somewhat can agree with the nail thing. I’m clipping finger nails about ever 5 days now!!! It’s CRAZY!

I have one LITTLE part on my big toe on my right foot that has a small fungail thing going on… don’t worry I’m not going to force you to look at that. (In reality it’s not that bad, but some people may read this while eating :-). ) ANYWAY… that hasn’t really gone away. Although it had been making a decent retreat when Veronica and I kinda went the Paleo road last year.

Teeth—I predict that you will experience dramatic changes in dental health: less plaque formation, improvement in gum health and gingivitis. Incredibly, even breath can change for the better, a reflection of the change in oral flora that parallels the shift in bowel flora. (Discussed further below.)

Haven’t noticed any difference here.

Breasts—Breast size can be reduced a cup size or two out of proportion to the weight lost. While the effect is variable, this phenomenon is due to correction of hormonal distortions, especially reductions of the formerly high levels of estrogen and prolactin with removal of grains. While some women may find this undesirable, recognize that the abnormal stimulation of breast tissue from grain consumption, compounded by the hormonal distortions of visceral fat, are risk factors for breast cancer, now corrected with grain elimination. Males, of course, celebrate the reversal of this embarrassing situation.

My breasts have NOT been reduced a cup size or two, thank goodness. But then again I don’t really have the man boobs he talks about in his first book. (Again… thank goodness.)

Surprised he didn’t mention this:

The fog has, for the most part, not been hanging around. So I would say that I have a clearer mind. So we will continue to see. But I can tell you, I have no regrets of getting of wheat and grains completely.


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